Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Antlers - Hospice

The Antlers is a project spearheaded by Peter Silbermann. Much like Justin Vernon's (Bon Iver) For Emma, Forever Ago, Hospice is a mainly solo project that has morphed into a band. Hospice is a concept album that tells the story of a loved on dying of cancer and the album encapsulates the energy, heart ache and pain that is associated with such heart break. The album is probably one of the easiest albums to latch onto your heart string and will not let go. I would say that the epilogue is obviously one of the most powerful songs, with its transparent pain and heartbreak. Bear is another track that captures the listener and I would say actually reminds me of some of the reflection and urgency of Win Butler. Hospice is an amazing record I have been listening to pretty non-stop the last little while, and as the weather gets cooler and more sombre this is exactly the type of music that is perfect accompaniment. Much like For Emma, Forever Ago, Hospice is an album that was recorded as more of a therapeutic exercise by its songwriter without any intention of greater audiences; and much like Bon Iver, The Antlers have created a beautiful record with delicate vocals and beautiful instrumentation. It is amazing.

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David said...

Hello, I just found your blog earlier today and I'm really surprised that we share so much of the same interests in music, bikes, and clothing. I hope you pick this blog back up soon :)