Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clues - self titled

This album came out a while ago. I bought it I guess in June when they came to Victoria and played Lucky. This album has crept up on me as maybe my favourite album of the year (Vecketamist and Merriwhether Post Pavillion also up there). The album starts with Haarp which starts off slowly and builds up until it explodes. Remember the Severed Head relies on some eerie vocals and stomping percussion to engulf you. The rest of the album is much along the same lines, which is not to say that it is at all monotonous or repetitive. Each song is dfferent enough but all share and eerie feel, sometimes lulling you away and sometimes kicking you in the teeth. Every song shares something but also vary greatly. You Have My Eyes Now and Ledmonton, and Perfect Fit all are anthemic while Elope and more importantly, Let's Get Strong are slower and more reflective. This album is great because its weird and familiar, intense and gentle. Say what you will about Islands, but this is "grown up" Unicorns, and considering we have all grown since Who Will Cut Our Hair When Your Gone it is timely and perfect.

Ked X Opening Ceremony Collaboration

Keds are the best. I rock mine hard, and springtime will require a new pair. I love what Opening Ceremony did to these: not TOO much. They keep a classic aesthetics of the plimsole but add some subtle detailing that makes them better than what everyone else is wearing. And they are still only $65!