Saturday, June 13, 2009

Review: Phoenix - "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"

I'm a little bit late reviewing this album because, to be honest, I downloaded it about 2 months ago and did not realize it had yet to be released in NA until recently (not admitting anything illegal). This has been one of my constant favourites recently, and on high rotation. The songs have obvious pop appeal, but are interesting enough to not get old easily. Obviously singles like Lisztomania and 1901 are favourites but really every song on the album is strong. Although I usually prefer a bit dirtier, lo fi songs, Phoenix accomplishes a kind of nice mix between clever lyrics with simple enough melodies and pulsing keyboards and drums that make is suitable for listening full blast in a club, or laying on your bed with headphones. Phoenix seems set to be the band of Summer 2009, and hopefully this does not mean by September every song has been played ad nauseum until the magic of this album has not been extinguished. Regardless, it guarantees that summer will be full of good music.

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