Sunday, May 31, 2009

BMW M5 Touring

When embarking on a road trip a station wagon is the ideal choice. Perfect for loading of with as much cargo as needed, and even a sleeping option if you find yourself in a tent without a sleeping bag/mattress. Obviously the M5 Touring is a bit of a fantasy for myself, but seriously, if anyone is going on a long road trip there is not much better then this monster. The Touring offers over 500HP, while providing 1,650 litres of cargo space.

Friday, May 29, 2009


When it comes to sunglasses, classic is pretty much the best way to go. Rayban Wayfarers really are the best all round choice: If you factor in price, style, quality they come up on top every time. But because they are great they are at saturation point, and because of this some other options are good to know. I do prefer the classic styling of the Wayfarer but Moscot's Yukel model and Cheap Monday's line of glasses both offer options that should be considered. The Yukel is one of the best options I have found, and the Cheap Mondays at a fifth of the Yukels price also have benefits. The Persol 2869S and Rayban Clubmaster are also pretty nice choices, as well as the Moscot/Common Projects collaboration.

It's been a long time, since I left you...

I had pretty much given up on blogging, ever since being out of an office setting finding the time to blog has been the least of my concerns. But as summer draws closer I figure I may as well awake the beast.
I recently returned from a trip to Portland that was a great little excursion. Nothing feels like summer like a good road trip. So since it is now Summer-Eve, I find it fitting to start posting again about some things which I consider essentials for the summer: whether its the right outfit for a trip in the car, the car its self or maybe some suggestions of places worth travelling to AoS will be dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange.