Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wesley Snipes Approved

In my everlasting attempt to purchased items that have been or would be endorsed/worn by celebrities I offer two servings that are Wesley Snipes Approved. First is the Colnago cycling cap as worn by Sidney Dean in one of the best interracial basketball movies of the early 1990's.
VIA Hipster Nascar

but after much research and debate, I feel that the Tavo TR-21 is a much better option, and is, I can only assume, very much Wesley Snipes Approved (although it is Israeli produced), after the popularity of my post a few days ago, it seems that my viewership takes kindly to highpowered automatic weaponry(?) (as a side note, Veronicahhh, you can get your Glock here apparently) while your out shopping, you can apparently get this IWI Tavor T.A.R. 21 5.56mm for only $2,999.00 (and yes, the do have installment plans)
anyway this is a video of things getting shot with our new gun...

... I really hope I start getting some militia traffic now.

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