Saturday, March 14, 2009

Metchosin House by Marko Simcic

This house is interesting for a few different reasons. Most notably the $24 million dollar (US) price tag, and the fact that its located in my home town. Other then that it is also a pretty amazing building.

Obviously the design is impeccable; including a river that runs through it, reflective glass. The "outer perimeter walls of the home are clad in vertical tongue-and-groove White Oak, while the walls rising from the linear reflecting pool are clad with glass etched in a pattern mimicking the White Oak".

Vancouver architect Marco Simcic design is what Canadian Architect says: "Simcic explores the "big" as a domain of almost limitless potential and diversity, where each moment is explored in its own micro context. This is, of course, a fine line to tread, as at what point should the singularity of the whole project supercede the expression of a series of differentiated elements? On these terms, one is tempted to think that the home would benefit from an architectural edit: to be a bit simpler, to be a bit less varied. Nonetheless, the agility of the Metchosin House emphasizes the difficulty in assessing the expansion of a culture's footprint on a square-foot basis alone and at its strongest, reveals the power of research and performative-based design." The design definitely could be simpler, but it is beautiful and highlights the beauty of the aread. It doesn't hurt that its on 67 acres of ocean front property and is juxtaposed nicely with the wilderness around it. Now if only Kanye can buy it and higher me and Doug as members of his entourage.

Marco Simcic Architect

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