Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cursive "From the Hips" on David Letterman

I have never been a huge fan of Cursive, but this performance on Letterman blows the roof off. "From the Hips" is from Cursive's new album Mama, I'm Swollen and is one of the best tracks off the record. Although I have never really gotten into Cursive in the past this album is very strong and has got me to take another look at the 7 or so other albums from this Saddle Creek band. I would say that other then "From the Hips", "I Couldn't Love Your Anymore", "Donkeys", "Caveman", "We're Going to Hell", "Mamma I'm Swollen" and "What Have I Done" are some of the better track. Mixing reflective lyrics about religions and existence with a nice composition melding soft and hard in a way that outlines the typical emo formula makes Mama, I'm Swollen an undaring yet enjoyable album.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sound Bite 1.0

I have created a soundtrack that mashes up, remixes and repackages some very important and influential moments in modern history into a piece that is meant to evoke memories of both the real and unreal. A major part of the project was to include tracks from both the “real”, through clips of speeches, historical events etc with the “unreal”, through select clips from TV and movies references that I believe to be engrained within pop culture. The blending and mixing of the real and unreal was my hope to blur the boundaries. The sound bite is sort of the analog to the picture; a picture is a skewed or biased memory of an event but is often the only memory we will have. Most of the “important” events that I included were things that I have only experienced through sound bites: in many regards, Kramer’s words or Homer’s words are more real than Martin Luther King, Malcolm X or Neil Armstrong’s moon walk.
Some parts of the clips I edited in a manner that they may not instantly seem familiar. By removing the context of several quotes, or pairing them with other events it creates new realities.
At the intro of the project, I begin with George Bush Sr., speaking about the death of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Empire. This moment can be understood as the victory of the American way; the “American dream”. While that clips is playing, the voice over of the news report announcing the death of JFK begins. This is an intentional “double voice” that parallels the announcement of the death of communism with the death of Kennedy. Kennedy is important in understanding, because it is one of the most tragic events in the American psyche. It plays out as sort of a “win” and a “loss” for America.
The track goes on to include a quote of Malcolm X, in which he refers to the “American dream” as an “American nightmare”. This quote is used mostly out of context (he, referring to the narrative of African-Americans), as it is used as foreshadowing the next clip. The clip that follows is George Bush Jr. announcing the attacks of Sept 11. To me, with Kennedy’s death, is considered one of the saddest days in modern American history: The “American nightmare”.
The first part of the track all goes on while the “2001: A Space Odyssey” music plays. I chose this song because it is epic, grandiose and very familiar. It frames the first part of the soundtrack, in which George Bush Sr. and Jr. are the bookends.
At this point, I take the track to a little bit more lighthearted place, while still maintaining the theme of the project. Part 2 of this project begins with Einstein, with a low quality clip of him announcing his mass-energy equivalence equation. While the Einstein clips plays music begins. The music plays throughout the rest of the piece. The music is a combination of a steady, simple beat with somewhat off kilter, off-time synthesizers. The purpose of the music is two fold, basically it allows for a steady narrative through the rest of the piece, but is intentionally not syncopated. The music is intended to at a textured layer in which the sound clips are played. The use of synthesizers gives a technological feel to the song and creates a somewhat cerebral juxtaposition with the words heard.
The song moves on to include more pop culture references. Often lighthearted these more are intended to provide a more instantaneous response: bouncing between the real and unreal, while evoking the thoughts that may be associated with these events. The overall track is a somewhat schizophrenic run through of a multitude of themes and events. There is no real underlying narrative throughout, in a lot of ways it doesn’t make sense, and it is not really supposed to. The purpose of having short, mostly familiar clips is something of an exercise of emotions while also challenging to meaning of what is heard.
Sound Bite 1.0

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This canvas bag from FJÄLLRÄVEN in Sweden is just about perfect. It has pretty much all anyone needs: utilitarian design with enough pockets but not too many, classic aesthetics, plus its Swedish which makes
anything better .

Monday, March 16, 2009


This look from the Sartorialist is amazing (ft Jeezy). I Just love the suit, the tie, the shirt and the posture for that matter. Something about a gentleman mixing elegant/casual so well. He is just at a cafe in Paris having a good time. The unstructured collar makes the suit a lot more wearable in casual situations while still looking sharp. The only miss is the sneakers (a bit overdone ever since Letterman did it on the ), but they can be forgiven because I'm sure a man at his age is making a bit more of a statement then the Late Night With David Letterman Show). Altogether, well done. I only hope James is wearing something like this while he sits at Cafes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wesley Snipes Approved

In my everlasting attempt to purchased items that have been or would be endorsed/worn by celebrities I offer two servings that are Wesley Snipes Approved. First is the Colnago cycling cap as worn by Sidney Dean in one of the best interracial basketball movies of the early 1990's.
VIA Hipster Nascar

but after much research and debate, I feel that the Tavo TR-21 is a much better option, and is, I can only assume, very much Wesley Snipes Approved (although it is Israeli produced), after the popularity of my post a few days ago, it seems that my viewership takes kindly to highpowered automatic weaponry(?) (as a side note, Veronicahhh, you can get your Glock here apparently) while your out shopping, you can apparently get this IWI Tavor T.A.R. 21 5.56mm for only $2,999.00 (and yes, the do have installment plans)
anyway this is a video of things getting shot with our new gun...

... I really hope I start getting some militia traffic now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Metchosin House by Marko Simcic

This house is interesting for a few different reasons. Most notably the $24 million dollar (US) price tag, and the fact that its located in my home town. Other then that it is also a pretty amazing building.

Obviously the design is impeccable; including a river that runs through it, reflective glass. The "outer perimeter walls of the home are clad in vertical tongue-and-groove White Oak, while the walls rising from the linear reflecting pool are clad with glass etched in a pattern mimicking the White Oak".

Vancouver architect Marco Simcic design is what Canadian Architect says: "Simcic explores the "big" as a domain of almost limitless potential and diversity, where each moment is explored in its own micro context. This is, of course, a fine line to tread, as at what point should the singularity of the whole project supercede the expression of a series of differentiated elements? On these terms, one is tempted to think that the home would benefit from an architectural edit: to be a bit simpler, to be a bit less varied. Nonetheless, the agility of the Metchosin House emphasizes the difficulty in assessing the expansion of a culture's footprint on a square-foot basis alone and at its strongest, reveals the power of research and performative-based design." The design definitely could be simpler, but it is beautiful and highlights the beauty of the aread. It doesn't hurt that its on 67 acres of ocean front property and is juxtaposed nicely with the wilderness around it. Now if only Kanye can buy it and higher me and Doug as members of his entourage.

Marco Simcic Architect

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wale: Mixtape About Nothing

Although this mixtape was released nearly a year ago, it is one of the most frequently listened to albums on my ipod right now. I have heared Wale being compared to a "concious Lil Wayne" or something like that; although I'm not sure the comparison is apt, I appreciate the mix of comedy into the production. Humour is often overlooked in much of rap, but the allusions to Seinfeld are a good mix and keeps the tracks interesting while still being rooted in good rhymes. Since I have been late on posts, it seems a good time too post about nothing rather then post nothing.
You can download it here Wale-Mixtape About Nothing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prove My Manhood

I'm looking for a new gun to accessorize my style for the warm spring/summer months. This one looks fun.