Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wins and Losses

Recently went on a bit of an ebay bender and came up with some great wins and came short on a couple losses. I missed out on a couple decent track bike frames that I could not justify; altough I really regret not bidding on a NJS Bridgestone keirin frame, with NJS headset, bottom bracket, stem, crank and bars included that only went for $550, and another Easter European track frame that could of been nice. Alas I decided right now was not the right time to drop 500+ bucks on a new bike frame. Also lost out on a pair of Velocity Deep V rims for a little over a hundred was disappointing loss that would of been perfect for a wheelset build that I want to do soon. Another loss was a awesome pair of Schmoove "Charlie Boots" that could of been a great steal had it not been for the reserve price placed too high. In the win section is a couple bow ties, some leather double toe straps, a Diatech Gold Finger brake lever for my bike, and a Viktor & Rolf (for H&M) Tweed blazer for a steal. Hopefully mailman santa will come soon and I can post some of the great pieces that I won!

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