Friday, February 27, 2009

Street Fixed Hub from Vallie Components

Vallie Componenents look set to drop these burly look track hubs. I saw em over at CyclingWMD and according to Alan: "The hubs are easily the strongest, most solid ones I've ever seen for built for tracks bikes. Sitting one of them down next to a Phil Wood hub really shows you just how brutal they are. The flanges are taller, thicker and the bolts are HUGE! Bearings are wicked smooth too! I sincerely doubt there's any other track hub out there right now that's anywhere near as durable as this one"
Because of my utilitarianist in me appreciates such a beefy strong hub, and the high flange and simple design is esthetically pleasing as well.

Alan over at CyclingWMD posted these (prototype) track hubs from Vallie Components Also note that badass 15t cog.

ISO disc cog mounting eliminates stripped lock ring threads.
Dual sided for multiple ratios
Thick symmetric flanges for a strong dishless build
Massive 15mm hollow female axle can take any abuse you can throw at it.
Oversize 6902 bearings to keep you rolling smoothly.
Stainless Hardware to last through those salty winters
Beefy M10 x 1.00 axle bolts
Slide on bearing collars
Accepts 44mm ISO disc cogs
120mm spacing
Approx 450 grams

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