Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield is a motorcycle company based out of Chenai, India and offer up some great bikes, with classic styling at a great price. "The Royal Enfield Bullet, in its present form, was first introduced in Britain in 1949 as a 350cc bike. It incorporated an innovative design element: swing arm suspension. This feature along with its extremely strong single cylinder engine allowed it to excel as a trials bike. The 500cc model was introduced in Britain during the 1950's, winning hundreds of races. This brought the Bullet international recognition and orders came into the factory in Redditch, England from all over the world."
The classic styling is amazing, and the Cafe kit easily converts the bullet into the perfect bike for racing from cafe to cafe. Below is the Bullet 350 and the Bullet GT500 Cafe Racer.
The Bullet 350 -Royal Enfield India

The GT500 Cafe Racer Royal Enfield U.S. site.

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JT Barnhart said...

You clearly have good... probably great taste and this is no exception but I have to warn you, these bikes look awesome and they are awesomely slow by today's standards. So cool in the slow lane. Shame too, they're actually affordable.

Just don't give in to the engine of the Honda next to you at the light begging for a showdown.