Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Track Frame?

I'm curious about getting a track frame in replace of my conversion road frame. Curious what people might recommend, or if anyone is looking to sell. Let me know if anyone has any recommendations. Im looking at a Bianchi Pista and an Iro frame right now to get an idea of budget.


Kevin said...

congrats on ditching the conversion, those things are death machines - I can't stress how much horizontal dropouts are a must. look at frames by Pake and Surly if you want something strong and budget-oriented. you couldn't go wrong with the Pista, mine has treated me oh-so well. and remember, STEEL IS REAL haha seriously though.

John said...

yeah i know what you mean. Im still on the fence, probably wait a little bit. My conversion is better then the avarage and has served me well. I dont do alot skidding or riding downtown so Im not too concerned about safety (but will probably throw a brake on soon). Keep your eyes peeled though if you see anything good.