Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is the future of mobile phones: The Logic Bolt Phone by Logic Wireless

I, as well as many other much more technologically knowledgeable people, have been saying for quite a while that the future of mobile phone system are a couple things. One is flexible circuit boards that allow for devices be much more ergonomically designed (eg on one's arm or what have you), the other is a phone that has the capability as a projector. This will allow for size to shrink while display sizes can be plaster on walls etc. The options are limitless with this; imagine instead of watching that youtube video on your iphone screen, it can be plastered against a wall as if your watching on a big screen. This has the capability to make home computers and televisions obsolete. It is the "atom bomb" of mobile media; the most power in the smallest package. Although it can be easy and frustrating to predict where and when technology will develop, it can also be exciting; and apparently the future is here. Logic Wireless, a company I am unfamiliar with, has just dropped the first cell phone with a built in projector: The Logic Bolt. This little guy is loaded with Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc and can project an image by up to 3000 percent while retaining what appears to be a 'smaller then iPhone' body.

The detailed specs include:
Network: QUAD Band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
size for reference 115.6X23.3X48.6 mm
Talk time: 2-3 hours
Stand-by Time: 200-250 hours
Video play time under projector mode: More than 2 hour (Battery)
Battery: 1800mAH
Main Display Screen: 240×320 QVGA 2.4 TFT LCD
Resolution of projector:640×480 VGA
area/distance for projector :as TV screen of 34-64. 1-2m focus can be adjusted
External Video Interface: CVBS, support VGA Interface through a conversion line
that connects with PC
Camera: 3 Mega Pixels
mp3, mp4 player, support 3GPP/AVI
Support DVD, PMP, TV BOX, PC and Table computer to project.
Support Bluetooth.
Language: English and other languages supported!
Check out Popular Science for more details.

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