Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review: Olympus E-410

A Few weeks ago, I received my Olympus E-410 digital slr in the mail and have been very happy with the purchase. I was hesitant purchasing something other then a Nikon or Canon for an entry level slr, but after some closer comparison, realized that the Olympus would best suit my needs. Although similar cameras such as the Canon XS have 7 point AF - I found that my old XT was sometimes finnicky in finding focus in dim lit areas), I have found that the Olympus' 3 point AF is more then adequate in capturing sharp shot in any situation (and with 4/3rd lens system, it is much more versatile in lens selection). In actual practice, I find that the E-410 is great because it packs a lot into a small package. The 10mp camera is the smallest on the market, but still has the ability take a great shot. Although I have yet to really take advantage of the camera and test some of its ranges, but so far I have been very happy with the little guy. The live view as well as the display menu are intuitive and make it easy to take a great picture. I hope to get some more use out of this unit soon, and will provide updates. Checkout here for some shots taken thus far.

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