Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gitman Bros Oxford

I have been on the look out for good oxford shirts for a while. I would ideally have a solid lineup of white, blue and grey. I have had a generic blue oxford for a while and it is ok, and recently was pleasantly surprised with a white number from Club Monaco that features a very thick, nearly canvas fabric. I think finding a strong grey oxford will be very difficult. I went into a local shop today and checked out Shades of Greige and Ransom interpretations but neither were near the ideal, classic simplicity that I need in an oxford. Roden Gray in Vancouver may have hit it in the blue department with this Gitmans Brothers oxford. I saw this shirt on their site a month or so ago and thought it looked really good, but not until this most recent, uneventful shopping trip did I find it necessary to post. According to Roden Grey: "Gitman Brothers have been making top quality shirts in their Ashland, Pennsylvania factory since 1948. In addition to manufacturing shirts for top designers like Thom Browne they have recently released a line of vintage inspired shirting harkening back to classic Americana styles. Roden Gray is therefore proud to present a fine pair of oxford cloth button-down collared shirts in white and blue. Gitman Bros. pulled patterns and fabrics from their archives to recreate a truly authentic american shirt, with heavy oxford fabrics and a slim, athletic fit. Oxford cloth is a unique fabric not unlike denim that gains character and looks better and better with everyday wear."
Price $178, available at Roden Gray in Vancouver.

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