Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thrift Store Find: Pendleton Woolen Mills Flannel

I have been looking for some good flannel. The other day I was in a thrift store and found this gem. I had heard its pretty easy to find Pendleton's at thrift stores, and this proved what I had heard right. This bad boy is built like a tank, with thick 100% virgin wool. Made in Portland, Oregon it looks like this beauty has never been worn. I almost walked out with two great finds; but the brown suede oxfords were a half size too small.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Brand New: Greg Armas Hand Tailored Goods

Saw this on Refinery 29, very nice.

Spring Lace-Ups

I was checking out Gravity Pope's website today, and noticed a few pairs of lace-ups that would be a good addition for the spring. The use of bright colour, especially blue is pretty topical, as is the meshed leather lace-ups. I think it was, that had a posting about perforated dress shoes too. These guys look like nice options. The red ones are something that I probably would not wear very often, but none the less are pretty awesome; same goes for the blue. Refinery 29 recently had a posting about some royal blue shoes - most of which arent really accessible and the black ones are refined and would work casually or formally.
Swear Jimmy's

Fluevog Luciano's

Fluevog Perforated
(also come in white)

Coachella Lineup 2009

Some hightlights and lowlights: I'm not sure how I feel about McCartney being there; sure he is a legend, but unless he is playing Beatles songs, I dunno how interesting it would be. It is pretty awesome that Morrissey and Leonard Cohen are playing (probably enought to bring people in by themselves). It is disapointing how low Public Enemy is billed; they are legends - no doubt they have lost some esteem since Flavor of Love. Bands I would lovet to see include Beirut, Band of Horses, TV on the Radio, Okkervil River, Junior Boys to name a few. April is a good time for a road trip, if only I had a nice car.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Billykirk Bike Frame Bag

I love Billykirk's use of leather, and the traditional treatments and and construction they use to get it. I think this bag would go great with my honey brown B17 saddle on my fixed gear bike, and even be able to hold a fair little bit. "It's perfect for a paperback, gloves, phone, sunglasses or even a sandwich. Three loops with collar buttons to secure it to the frame. Collar button closures on the front flap. Adjustable. Hand-stitched with wax cording. Loop closure. Hand-oiled and edged. 8" x 5" x 2" Made in the USA." (Billykirk)

Freeman's Sporting Club Billykirk Bank Bag

I am kind of getting sick of collaborations between designers/stores etc, but this Billykirk Bank Bag commissioned for Freemans Sporting Club might change my tune. This bag features authentic US made bank bag lock, tan waxed cotton twill, brown harness leather, Swiss Riri zippers, brass rivets, interior zipper pocket, and blaze orange waterproof lining. Hand-made in the USA.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crank Brothers Quattra Sl's!

Picked up some pedals for my roadie today. Crank Bros Quatro SL's; much more suitable then the cages I had on before! haha. I just can't wait until it gets sunny!

Rag & Bone Jay khakis

I would like to get some nice khakis for spring. I have always considere khakis as kind of "doofus Gap style", which would be seen by Chandler in the 90's.
I have seen a couple decent looking khakis recently that have brought me back around, Corpus has some nice ones and these Rag & Bone ones are nice as well. I like how they have a little stretch in them so they should be comfortable while not being baggy as hell.
Features include: Skinny, tapered leg. Button fly. Chain stitched hem. 95% cotton/5% lycra. Handmade in New York.

Robert Geller Joseph Glasses

"I dont wear glasses but if I did..." is a phrase I say often enough; and it is still true for these bad boys that just popped up on Blackbird. It seems that Geller is consistant with putting enough classic, yet modern frames that would work for many different styles. Now Im just going to go stare at the sun.

Available at Blackbird in Seattle for $203US.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Samsung W7900 (aka Show)

I posted about the Logic Bolt a while ago, and since projector phones in my mind are the wave of the future I feel required to post this bad boy. My homies over at 84/85 recently dropped a post questioning what the future of technology; although their post got into the philosophical implications of an exponentially expanding technological world, its still neat to look at the new gadgets that pop up. Projection based cell phones are the next wave. Altough everyone loves their iPhones, the ability to plaster a sharp image onto and flat or near flat surface brings the smart phone to a new dimension. With the advancement of this technology it may remove the necessity to have home computer/televisions. If you can bring all of that with you, record digital tv, take pictures and post them on and wall for personal viewing opens up the possibilities of mobile technological devices. The specs of the projector based phone - Samsung W7900 are:
Projector: 10 lumens, 480 by 320 pixels, up to 50 in. diagonal
Screen: 240-by-400-pixel, 3.2-in. OLED
Wireless: 3G HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, global roaming (900/1800/1900 MHz)
Cameras: 5-megapixel main, VGA front-facing model for video calls
Size: 4.4 by 2.2 by 0.7 in.
More info and pics are available from PopSci.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Want: Chester Wallace Canvas Tote Bag

I have been looking for a new bag that I am able to use for work. Something that is big enough to carry whatever I need while still looking decent, but also something I can use when I bike. My shoulder bag right now is a bit too big to be comfortable on the bike, but my only other option is a back pack which looks ridiculous off the bike. I want something that is functional while still looking food. The thought of wearing a Chrome messenger bag or anything like that into an office is as bad as a back pack, but my other bags just don't work that well on a bike. It seems that this messenger bag/tote by Chester Wallace might be the perfect solution. It doubles as a tote bag and a messenger style so it should work on the bike, but also maintain some versatile options for bike free exploits. An added bonus is that the bag can adequately hold 1 or 2 six packs; for days I want to drink at work. It will be available exclusively at Project No. 8 when their online store opens, for $95US.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Review: Olympus E-410

A Few weeks ago, I received my Olympus E-410 digital slr in the mail and have been very happy with the purchase. I was hesitant purchasing something other then a Nikon or Canon for an entry level slr, but after some closer comparison, realized that the Olympus would best suit my needs. Although similar cameras such as the Canon XS have 7 point AF - I found that my old XT was sometimes finnicky in finding focus in dim lit areas), I have found that the Olympus' 3 point AF is more then adequate in capturing sharp shot in any situation (and with 4/3rd lens system, it is much more versatile in lens selection). In actual practice, I find that the E-410 is great because it packs a lot into a small package. The 10mp camera is the smallest on the market, but still has the ability take a great shot. Although I have yet to really take advantage of the camera and test some of its ranges, but so far I have been very happy with the little guy. The live view as well as the display menu are intuitive and make it easy to take a great picture. I hope to get some more use out of this unit soon, and will provide updates. Checkout here for some shots taken thus far.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bow Ties?

Recently I have been looking for some bow ties. I wear ties to work everyday and have gotten a little bored with my lineup; anyway, the only bow tie I have is black, so its a bit too formal for work. My job is still pretty casual so I'm looking for some options that will work. I really don't know where in Victoria, other then Club Monaco, where a decent bow tie can be found - it seems most online shops I'm familiar with don't carry them/or they are sold out. I have seen a couple good ones on Ebay, but yet t pull the trigger. Anyway, I'm hoping I might be able to find some online sources/shops in Victoria that I can get some decent bow ties without breaking the bank. Any help?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello Helsinki!

I noticed some recent visits from international visitors, and was pleasantly surprised to see some visitors from Helsinki, among others. Thanks again for visiting Sprezzatura.

PGO Hemera and Speedster 2

I'm not much of a car guy, but I appreciate good design and have a love of vintage European sports cars; especially Porsche's. I have always wanted an old Porsche, I remember as a kid, my dad, brother and I were down at a car dealership. My dad was looking for a new car, but I was instantly drawn to a 1956 Porsche Speedster that was on the lot. The sticker price was significantly lower then the lame Ford Focus that he ended getting, but I guess it wasn't practical enough for the family, geesh. Although this PGO Hemera and PGO Speedster 2 aren't quite as cool as the real deal, the borrow their design influence from the Porsche 356. PGO is a French company that makes handmade, small production runs of these babies. The Hemera is the newest model, set to debut next year. It features a 2.0L Peugeot motor and a 5 speed manual gearbox. I found these while looking up vintage Porsche's, after reading a post on Tod's Driving Moccasins over at 84/85. It's pretty cool these take the vintage stylings of the original Porsche models and add a modern twist to produce something both classic and new; something we see in the fashion world all the time. Although the PGO doesn't seem to stack up with a real Porsche, it definitely looks more appealing then a lot of the kit cars that are out there.
The Hemera

and the Speedster 2

The real deal

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Throwback: Propagandhi - Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

I remember first hearing this song when I was 12 and my cousin, sick of me listening to the pop punk bands of the time, exposed me to Propagandhi's "How To Clean Everything". This album still goes down as one of my all time favourites, if not simply because of the nostalgia: Being a rightous, 13 year old kid living in the suburbs, thinking I know everything. In all seriousness, I remember this track because it was one of the first political songs I ever heard that didnt stem from my parents folk collections. I was used to Dylan, Baez and Seeger spout politically driven stuff, but this was the first time I had heard something so overt, punk and in your face with a politcal message and was my first exposure to the Middle East conflicts. I thought it would be good posting this because of the troubles currently going on in Gaza, and this song provides a bit of a crash course in the conflict, albeit in a bit of a cynical manner. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thom Browne/ Converse

These are ridiculous. I like Thom Browne and I like Converse and I like the collaboration. For Converse' 100 year anniversary they commisioned the likes of Thom Browne, Libertine and Mastermind to do their own interpretation of Con's. The Brown version highlighted below look kind of neat, a reinterpretation of the Jack Purcell. What makes these bad boys ridiculous is not the impressive use of Browne's signature red, white and blue to make a fly looking shoe; what is absolutely ridiculous is the price tag. This collabo is for sale at Colette for € 1415, which swings over to about $2,200Can. Limited edition, unique collectors item, blah blah blah... in the words of Chris Rock, you gotta be on the pipe to justify that price for suped up version of some $65 shoes,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Want: La Pavoni Profession Lusso Wooden Espresso Machine

I have wanted a home espresso machine for a while but have hummed and hawed whether an automatic home machine or a more manual machine would be best, and more importantly if my diminutive counter space could handle another appliance. The advantage of an automatic machine is the obvious: its automatic, basically you can just press a button and presto! you get your coffee ready to go. But if you factor in the cost of the machine it doesn't really justify the purchase when there is 5 coffee shops, literally a stones throw from my house. What is more tempting, is something that is cooler, cheaper and more fun to operate... and better tasting, I guess. That is why I want a La Pavoni machine. I'm not going to lie, I first saw and fell in love with this machine while watching the Hugh Grant movie "About A Boy" and over Christmas upon re-watching, fell back in love. La Pavoni, is an Italian company that has been in the espresso business for over a hundred years and this classic machine has been around for around forty. The Professional series as well Europiccola models were introduced in the late 60's/early 70's and have since become synonymous with the brand. These machines are fantastic, classic and are known for their traditional manual pull down handle. They carry several similar models and I would be happy with any of them. Nothing beats classic Italian design, and just like Colnago, this is some Italian steel that I would love to have in my hands.

This is the future of mobile phones: The Logic Bolt Phone by Logic Wireless

I, as well as many other much more technologically knowledgeable people, have been saying for quite a while that the future of mobile phone system are a couple things. One is flexible circuit boards that allow for devices be much more ergonomically designed (eg on one's arm or what have you), the other is a phone that has the capability as a projector. This will allow for size to shrink while display sizes can be plaster on walls etc. The options are limitless with this; imagine instead of watching that youtube video on your iphone screen, it can be plastered against a wall as if your watching on a big screen. This has the capability to make home computers and televisions obsolete. It is the "atom bomb" of mobile media; the most power in the smallest package. Although it can be easy and frustrating to predict where and when technology will develop, it can also be exciting; and apparently the future is here. Logic Wireless, a company I am unfamiliar with, has just dropped the first cell phone with a built in projector: The Logic Bolt. This little guy is loaded with Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc and can project an image by up to 3000 percent while retaining what appears to be a 'smaller then iPhone' body.

The detailed specs include:
Network: QUAD Band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
size for reference 115.6X23.3X48.6 mm
Talk time: 2-3 hours
Stand-by Time: 200-250 hours
Video play time under projector mode: More than 2 hour (Battery)
Battery: 1800mAH
Main Display Screen: 240×320 QVGA 2.4 TFT LCD
Resolution of projector:640×480 VGA
area/distance for projector :as TV screen of 34-64. 1-2m focus can be adjusted
External Video Interface: CVBS, support VGA Interface through a conversion line
that connects with PC
Camera: 3 Mega Pixels
mp3, mp4 player, support 3GPP/AVI
Support DVD, PMP, TV BOX, PC and Table computer to project.
Support Bluetooth.
Language: English and other languages supported!
Check out Popular Science for more details.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gitman Bros Oxford

I have been on the look out for good oxford shirts for a while. I would ideally have a solid lineup of white, blue and grey. I have had a generic blue oxford for a while and it is ok, and recently was pleasantly surprised with a white number from Club Monaco that features a very thick, nearly canvas fabric. I think finding a strong grey oxford will be very difficult. I went into a local shop today and checked out Shades of Greige and Ransom interpretations but neither were near the ideal, classic simplicity that I need in an oxford. Roden Gray in Vancouver may have hit it in the blue department with this Gitmans Brothers oxford. I saw this shirt on their site a month or so ago and thought it looked really good, but not until this most recent, uneventful shopping trip did I find it necessary to post. According to Roden Grey: "Gitman Brothers have been making top quality shirts in their Ashland, Pennsylvania factory since 1948. In addition to manufacturing shirts for top designers like Thom Browne they have recently released a line of vintage inspired shirting harkening back to classic Americana styles. Roden Gray is therefore proud to present a fine pair of oxford cloth button-down collared shirts in white and blue. Gitman Bros. pulled patterns and fabrics from their archives to recreate a truly authentic american shirt, with heavy oxford fabrics and a slim, athletic fit. Oxford cloth is a unique fabric not unlike denim that gains character and looks better and better with everyday wear."
Price $178, available at Roden Gray in Vancouver.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Lazy Friday Playlist

Got a little boring at work, so we decided to play some straight up g shit, and some other 1990's hits.
Highlights include:
DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew
Coolio - Gangsters Paradise
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin and Juice
Notorious BIG - Juicy
Tupac - California Love
honourable mention:
Counting Crows - Mr Jones

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Filson Wool Packer Coat

This 100% Mackinaw Wool buffalo check Packer Coat from Filson should be on many peoples New Year's wish list. For anyone with interests in the rugged outdoors or at the very least an interest in dressing the part during their urban jungle trek. The coat features 24oz wool coat is thick, heavy, warm and dry during any endeavour. This jacket wood go very well with the Kaiser Boots in the previous post during the cold day trips on the bike, hiking in the woods or strolling the coblestones.
Available here.