Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Camera?

Now that the new year is coming, I am in the market for a new DSLR. I used to have the Canon XT until some junkie decided they wanted it more and broke into my house and stole it. I got the XT a few months earlier second hand and was pretty happy with it but noticed a few glitches and some issues that are inherent with second hand electronics. Because of the previous issues I feel as though my next purchase should be a brand new product, which is a bit intimidating because of the cost. My main camera of interest is Canon's entry level DSLR, the XS. Its a substantial step up from the XT, which was the entry level canon a few years ago. The XS is pretty comparable to the XSi with a couple less megapixels and 2 less AF points. The XS features live view function and a couple different AF modes.
Im still not 100% if I should pull the trigger, or if I should maybe try a used 20D. To be honest I would of pulled the trigger on the XS this Boxing Day if it weren't for a maxed out credit card. I could probably get the 20D for a little bit less, but the idea of a used body makes me a bit freaked out. The XT I had, was plagued with "error 99 occasionally and the auto focus was a bit hazy. I imagine a 20D and the XS would both provide crisper shots. I have also been looking at a high-end point and shoot, something like a Panasonic Lumix lx-3 with Leica lens looks like it can take really nice pictures while maintaining the simplicity of a point and shoot. Ideally I would get a Canon 5D Mark II, and the LX-3. But Money is an option so it seems that the XS, with warranty etc is the best bet. If anyone has any feedback, or options that would be great. I really just want a dependable body that is not already outdated technology and a 50mm f1.8 lens to take indoor candid pictures.


Veronicahhh said...

where did you get the secondhand canon?
have a nikon myself, and have no problems with it. congrats on your new purchase :-)

John said...

I got the Canon from usedvictoria, I can't wait to get the Oly and try it out