Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kanye West : Heartless on SNL

Kanye West performed Heartless and Love Lockdown on SNL last night. Usually posting anything from NBC is a complete chore and gets pulled down instantly but I thought that this was worth the burden.
This performance is on another level for SNL. Think of all the uninspired performances you usually see on on SNL, this is insane. Kanye seems to have really improved his performing skills in the last bit, including some dance moves. This is very reminiscent of old James Brown and even a little Mick Jagger. Kanye in my mind does something unique. Its not very difficult to see lesser known groups or performers really show emotion on stage but with the rise of Emo, Emocore and Hardcore into mainstream we experience a lot of faux emotion that comes of very much insincere. Its also not very difficult to see pop artists/rappers that fail to resonate any type of emotion while performing the hits. Lots of artists really do express their emotions and really connect with their performances, but its very rare to see that in pop music. Kanye does it.

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