Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeans? hmmm...

Im pretty sure that I will be selling my Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Dry Organic Ecru Embo jeans in the near future cause they arent fitting like I would like. The question arises which denim should replace them. I think I have kinda moved on past Nudies, although I still really like the Thin Finn fit as well as a couple other Nudie fits but I am finding them so common in Victoria that they are getting a bit played out. I think I will be investing in a new pair of raw denim and am lookinging a few option of denim that appeals to me.
First is a pair of jeans from Blackbird in Seattle, these arent raw and are more an honourable mention as I already have some black coated jeans but since Blackbird always stays on top I though I should promote their first pair designed and made exclusively for the store... they are available here.

These are Joey Overdrive from April 77 which is a french label, like APC but a bit more punk rock. They are a solid choice for raw denim in a cut I like, they are very simple jeans with tonal stitching and couple exposed rivets on the front and back pockets. Pretty nice, a bit unique and cheaper then others at $145US available at Blackbird, here.

A.P.C. New Cure Jeans, not exactly unique pretty popular, but pretty simple. They are great raw denim at a decent cut. I have seen New Cure's look really good and really bad. I think the key is getting the right size, they are vanity sized so usually its necessary to drop a few sizes to get em right. These are probably the most likely option because they are available in town, and buying jeans online is usually not worth the risk.


ryan said...

I've personally never been a big fan of Nudie although I know their fans tend to love them due to a good fit. They don't fit me too well however and I've never liked the branding.

I also feel like APC is a necessary denim to have in the wardrobe. I have a couple and I love them.

John said...

yeah, I first got into nudies maybe three or four years ago. At that time they were very uncommon in Victoria, or Canada generally. I liked them for the fit, being one of the few that had a skinny enough fit without fitting like girls jeans. Nudie is still pretty good because they offer quite a few different cuts and their website offers a lot of detail etc. The branding, I used to like when it was unknown. I remember wearing some slim jims a few years ago and this Swedish guy was blown away that a Canadian was wearing them.
It just seems that now days, alot of better cut, more unique jeans are accessible in Victoria.