Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fashion Inpiration: Mr Burns

One look I have been hoping to replicate is that of Mr. Burns' outfit from The Simpsons episode 'Burns' Heir'. I haven't been able to find a still picture of the outfit, but im sure some of you may remember it. The episode is the one in which Mr. Burns is looking for an heir to his fortune, and he pops on screen at the beginning of a movie. He is standing in a field and he is wearing a royal blue suit, a brown bowler hat, a grey shirt and an orange bowtie. I don't know if i have the time, the money, or the guys to actually go through with it (especially now that I have revealed my source). And considering I can't even find a picture of the outfit, I doubt I will been able to find the items. A suit in the colour of blue I am thinking of may be tough. The bowler hat is not really necessary, but even a good orange club bowtie would be hard. Band of Outsiders just released a bow tie that would work well, and they, as well as a million other people have good grey button downs. The blue suit, I think will have to be a thrift store find. Considering it would have to be a one or two button suit, the chances of getting the right colour would be tough, but if did it before you know it I would be singing "lets all go to the lobby, lets all go to the lobby, lets all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a snack!".

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