Wednesday, December 31, 2008

H by Hudson - Kaiser Boots

Although these boots by H by Hudson are not exactly new I decided that I should post them anyway. These boots are definitely on my very long short list. According to Oak: "the ultimate winter boot lined in a lux shearling, black leather rounded toe and body, tan suede upper with a buckle front and zipperd back, rubber sole and padded leather footbed". I like the classic yet unique modern take these Kaiser Boots have. Im not sure if I have anything in my wardrobe that would really make these work, but they seem the perfect boots to wear with some heavy weight raw denim, buffalo check shirt and on top of a BMW cafe race through the hills of France.

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - Leather Zippered Gloves

These jammies from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are the perfect gloves for hired assasins, motorbikers, or anyone that wants to add some bad ass attitude to their wardrobe. Although they are not really my bag, I prefer my gloves a bit more classic, any time a staple such as leather gloves are reinvented in a manner that turns them into killers it's noteworthy. These guys are black leather gloves with a zipper that runs from the index finger to the wrist, elastic detail at top wrist, lined in knit wool. They are currently sold out at Oak.


It appears that a model of the Microsoft Zune has fallen prey to the Y2K bug. Only, fitting to Microsoft, occurs only 9 years late. Apparently, Tuesday the 30th thousands of the Microsoft Zune 30GB just stopped working! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Purchase:Olympus E-410

I decided to switch directions from Canon, and purchased an Olympus E-410. Im pretty excited about the camera, its a pretty basic 10Mp DSLR, which is all I really need. The setup comes with 2 lenses, both a 14-42mm and 40-150 lense. The body is pretty neat, its a bit more retro styled then other DSLR's, alot smaller and more compact then the Canon or the Nikon I was looking at. It should make it good for sliding in my bag without taking up too much room. I'm pretty excited to get this bad boy and give it a proper review.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Camera?

Now that the new year is coming, I am in the market for a new DSLR. I used to have the Canon XT until some junkie decided they wanted it more and broke into my house and stole it. I got the XT a few months earlier second hand and was pretty happy with it but noticed a few glitches and some issues that are inherent with second hand electronics. Because of the previous issues I feel as though my next purchase should be a brand new product, which is a bit intimidating because of the cost. My main camera of interest is Canon's entry level DSLR, the XS. Its a substantial step up from the XT, which was the entry level canon a few years ago. The XS is pretty comparable to the XSi with a couple less megapixels and 2 less AF points. The XS features live view function and a couple different AF modes.
Im still not 100% if I should pull the trigger, or if I should maybe try a used 20D. To be honest I would of pulled the trigger on the XS this Boxing Day if it weren't for a maxed out credit card. I could probably get the 20D for a little bit less, but the idea of a used body makes me a bit freaked out. The XT I had, was plagued with "error 99 occasionally and the auto focus was a bit hazy. I imagine a 20D and the XS would both provide crisper shots. I have also been looking at a high-end point and shoot, something like a Panasonic Lumix lx-3 with Leica lens looks like it can take really nice pictures while maintaining the simplicity of a point and shoot. Ideally I would get a Canon 5D Mark II, and the LX-3. But Money is an option so it seems that the XS, with warranty etc is the best bet. If anyone has any feedback, or options that would be great. I really just want a dependable body that is not already outdated technology and a 50mm f1.8 lens to take indoor candid pictures.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hyden Yoo - Cashmere Chelsea Sweater - on sale

This Cashmere Chelsea sweater from Hyden Yoo is one of the best shawl sweaters that I have seen, and now its on sale at Blackbird, Ryan from H(y)r collective recently posted about some very nice J. Crew shawls on the cheap, although this Hyden Yoo is about 4 or 5X times the price it is also a great shawl that could be someones last minute xmas gift.
Also, the Hyden Yoo Soho Cardigan that I posted a few months ago is on sale too!

Next Android OS with On-Screen Keyboard

This is a preview of the Android OS next version, it features a onscreen keyboard, a step up from the QWERTY board on the first G1. More info about the tech is available from the Gizmodo site.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Outfit

Since I cannot get over how cold it has been in Victoria recently I decided to post a winter outfit. Something I wish I had, especially waiting for the bus outside for 20 minutes on the way to school. Alot of this stuff are things I probably wouldnt wear unless it was below freezing, but considering I wore two hoodies, two pairs of socks, jeans, my toggle jacket and old hightops to school today definitely tells me I don't have nearly the right stuff for this kind of weather.
Start off with a hat. This toque from Seattle based company Coal will work. available at Blackbird.

This Branson jacket from Moncler can handle the cold. Although in regular condictions Moncler can come off "bro-ish", if the weather conditions call for it - its what you should be wearing.

This cardigan just looks right for the snow. Pattern knitted cardigan from Arne & Carlos. Fantastic knitted alpaca / wool cardigan from Norwegian design duo Arne & Carlos. The design has a clear connection to traditional Norwegian handy crafts and is knitted in Peru under fair conditions. Here a pattern knitted heavy cardigan with a shawl collar. Available at Tres Bien.

I never wear turtlenecks, but with the cold weather exceptions are made. If necessary a utiliterean turtle neck like this Fisherman Rollneck would do the job. From S.N.S. Herning, avalailable at Tres Bien.

Red Buffalo Check flannel shirt from Old Navy, nothing too special just a soft warm shirt that would keep me warm, and ad a little bit of lumberjack into the outfit.

I replace the Yigal Azrouel pants with some that work better. These Opening Ceremony slacks are part of a suit but also can be purchased separately. These Outdoor Flannel Suit Pants feature Flat front four-pocket trouser. Two single-welt angled pockets with zipper closure on front. Back pockets with zipper and button closure. Unlined with finished hem. 80% wool, 20% cashmere, 100% cotton lining. Made in the U.S.A. These would be cozy in the snow while still looking refined. Available at Blackbird.

Leather shoe from Siv Stoldal. Siv is very much about the work wear tradition from Norway and this shoe is made in a collaboration with classic quality shoe brand "Dale Sko", experts on shoes for the working man. Leather upper and rubber sole. Closed with a zipper on the inside. I was looking at these guys when I was shopping for some decent boots and a couple things bothered me. I didnt really like the leather treatment it looks a little synthetic, and I wasn't a huge fan of the white soles. For the snow and salt and slush though I think a leather boot such as this would work great, and the white soles would be lost in the snow.

Available at Tres Bien Shop

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hickey - Grey Exploded Plaid Sportcoat

Hickey is giving you the chance to dress like Chuck Bass, for cheap... $313.25US for the jacket down from $895 available here.

Bernhard Willhelm - Hot Dutch Jumpsuit

Since it has been unbelievably cold in Victoria recently, I have been finding myself remiss for not having a nice pair of "long johns" underwear. And since I am trapped inside, I thought I should post some ridiculous long johns to match the ridiculous weather. I personally like the idea of long underwear that cost more then my rent! Hot Dutch jumpsuit - an all-in-one in the long-john style, by Bernhard Willhelm. The 100% wool and cotton mix jumpsuit is red and blue with buttons down the front. Enoy!...

They can be yours for 360.00euros at The V Store.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vintage Honda Ad ‘You meet the nicest people in a Honda’

Vintage Honda Ad ‘You meet the nicest people in a Honda’ is a popular ad that Honda ran in the 1960’s to promote their new motorcycle, the ‘Super Cub’. These are a couple of ads from the campaign.
Pictures found on Straightline and Eric Lee.


Last night the city was blanketed in snow. Since snow is pretty rare in Victoria I thought this would be a good opportunity to post some Ansel Adams pictures.
Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist, best known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West and primarily Yosemite National Park.

Kanye West : Heartless on SNL

Kanye West performed Heartless and Love Lockdown on SNL last night. Usually posting anything from NBC is a complete chore and gets pulled down instantly but I thought that this was worth the burden.
This performance is on another level for SNL. Think of all the uninspired performances you usually see on on SNL, this is insane. Kanye seems to have really improved his performing skills in the last bit, including some dance moves. This is very reminiscent of old James Brown and even a little Mick Jagger. Kanye in my mind does something unique. Its not very difficult to see lesser known groups or performers really show emotion on stage but with the rise of Emo, Emocore and Hardcore into mainstream we experience a lot of faux emotion that comes of very much insincere. Its also not very difficult to see pop artists/rappers that fail to resonate any type of emotion while performing the hits. Lots of artists really do express their emotions and really connect with their performances, but its very rare to see that in pop music. Kanye does it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Favourite Album 2008

I don't think I will bother will a top albums of 2008 or anything like that, but I will officially name Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago as my favourite album of the year hands down.
This is a neat video, an acapella version of For Emma from La Blogotheque


Also, did you know I have a Flickr? I do!. It probably wont ever be updated unless the junkie that stole my XT decides to return it, or someone gives me one. I don't know which is less likely to happen.

also also, my friend Iain has a blog too ...


I was out Christmas shopping today and ran into my friend Kevin at Outlooks here in Victoria . It had been a while since I had seen Kevin, but he has started a blog that he told me about. Its called 84/85 and its pretty neat. Lots of good content about some of my favourite things. Its really alot like this blog, but way better. I recommend you visit it (and when I saw "you" I guess I really mean me, cause I dont know who else reads this, lol.... rofl!...LOLROFLLOLROFL). Now, I tell you (me) about this blog, not because I want you to stop visiting, Missouri, but because this blog is supposed to share neat things... so there!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jeans? hmmm...

Im pretty sure that I will be selling my Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Dry Organic Ecru Embo jeans in the near future cause they arent fitting like I would like. The question arises which denim should replace them. I think I have kinda moved on past Nudies, although I still really like the Thin Finn fit as well as a couple other Nudie fits but I am finding them so common in Victoria that they are getting a bit played out. I think I will be investing in a new pair of raw denim and am lookinging a few option of denim that appeals to me.
First is a pair of jeans from Blackbird in Seattle, these arent raw and are more an honourable mention as I already have some black coated jeans but since Blackbird always stays on top I though I should promote their first pair designed and made exclusively for the store... they are available here.

These are Joey Overdrive from April 77 which is a french label, like APC but a bit more punk rock. They are a solid choice for raw denim in a cut I like, they are very simple jeans with tonal stitching and couple exposed rivets on the front and back pockets. Pretty nice, a bit unique and cheaper then others at $145US available at Blackbird, here.

A.P.C. New Cure Jeans, not exactly unique pretty popular, but pretty simple. They are great raw denim at a decent cut. I have seen New Cure's look really good and really bad. I think the key is getting the right size, they are vanity sized so usually its necessary to drop a few sizes to get em right. These are probably the most likely option because they are available in town, and buying jeans online is usually not worth the risk.

Nom De Guerre - Helmet Bag

Nom De Guerre does pretty much everything right, and this helmet bag is no exception. The size, colour and fabric ( a "rough waxed canvas), make this bag pretty much ideal for anyone wants a large bag that doesnt look like a jet pack.

It available at Blackbird in Seattle, or online here on sale for $304.99us, or at
Tres Bien, here for 2795 (minus 25%) Swedish Kronor.

Shades of Greige Black Toggle Cardigan

This cardigan from Shades of Greige is pretty neat. I love the use of toggles on cardigans, and the fact that this bad boy is offset to the side adds to it greatly. 100% wool helps too.

available at Penelopes here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Billykirk Shoulder Satchel

This shoulder bag from Billykirk is just about all anyone needs. Its simple, well designed and well made. Its Billykirk's reinterpretation of a WW2 Belgian map case, fitted to be bit bigger so your laptop or notebook will fit in perfectly. It also reminds me of the old leather cases that polaroid cameras came in. The only downside is that it would't fit an SLR camera.

Sunday Playlist

List of some of the songs I'm listening today while working on this essay on Japanese Colonialism (woot!)

Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy
Miracle Fortress - Maybe Lately
Deathcab for Cutie - I will possess your heart
The Unicorns - I was born a unicorn
Busdriver - The troglydite wins (watch this!)
Human Highway - The Sound
Lil Wayne ft Kanye West - Lollipop remix
Beach House - Heart of Chambers
Think About Life - Paul Cries
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls
Busdriver - freestyle WHAT?
Kanye West - Heartless
Animal Collective - We tigers

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fashion Inpiration: Mr Burns

One look I have been hoping to replicate is that of Mr. Burns' outfit from The Simpsons episode 'Burns' Heir'. I haven't been able to find a still picture of the outfit, but im sure some of you may remember it. The episode is the one in which Mr. Burns is looking for an heir to his fortune, and he pops on screen at the beginning of a movie. He is standing in a field and he is wearing a royal blue suit, a brown bowler hat, a grey shirt and an orange bowtie. I don't know if i have the time, the money, or the guys to actually go through with it (especially now that I have revealed my source). And considering I can't even find a picture of the outfit, I doubt I will been able to find the items. A suit in the colour of blue I am thinking of may be tough. The bowler hat is not really necessary, but even a good orange club bowtie would be hard. Band of Outsiders just released a bow tie that would work well, and they, as well as a million other people have good grey button downs. The blue suit, I think will have to be a thrift store find. Considering it would have to be a one or two button suit, the chances of getting the right colour would be tough, but if did it before you know it I would be singing "lets all go to the lobby, lets all go to the lobby, lets all go to the lobby, and get ourselves a snack!".

Miracle Fortress - "Have You Seen In Your Dreams"

While doing the Magic Weapon post I stumbled upon a few Miracle Fortress videos. I feel obliged to share one of them.

Magic Weapon - "Charles (The Red One)"

Magic Weapon is a group based out of Montreal, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Jordan Robson-Cramer, who also is a member of Sunset Rubdown and former member of Miracle Fortress.

The band also features Rory Seydel from Shapes and Sizes and Matth Shane from one of my favourite groups, Think About Life.

Residue Hymns EP available from Villa Villa Nola.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I was perusing today, and was looking at their "Best of November" list; these two are on my (very unrealistic) "wants list".

The BMW - Lo Rider
Customizable bike, its the burger king of bikes (have it your way).

Freemans Sporting Club Banker bag
"Damn it feels good to be a gangster"

Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip" Directed by Spike Jonze


See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello Missouri?

In the last few days I have had several hits to the page from Missouri: weird. Hello Missouri!