Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

These are a pair of Organic Ecru Embo Dry Thin Finns I got from Still Life last October, they have still yet to be washed. I dont realy wear them that often anymore but they fading is starting to look great especially considering they have not been washed. They are tentatively up for sale, cause I dont really wear them right now.


Oliver said...

I have a pair of these bad boys.
Yours are looking good. Why dont you wear them much any more?

John said...

To be honest, they are just a little too tight. I have been biking alot recently and my thighs have gotten too big. So I need to either switch to more cardio or sell them.

Anonymous said...

what size are they? how much would you want?

John said...

They are size 30w 34l, im not sure really