Friday, November 14, 2008

New Grey Suit

Months ago I had mentioned I am looking for a grey suit. Thanks for the 'bay my dream may soon be realized (I won it, I just hope it fits/can be tailored to my satisfaction).
The suit itself is a grey wool herringbone with subtle blue lines throughout. It might not be quite as nice as the "Oxford Collar" post of months ago, maybe it will be nicer. Only time will tell. As a side note; Tres Bien shop has a really cool grey flannel suit by Our Legacy, seen here. Im not a big fan of three button suits, and really dont like how it fits the model but I love the grey flannel fabric and the over look is spot on.


wlmb2 said...

John, you should try us at

We currently do over 40 billion different suit style combinations and prices start at just £150.

Anonymous said...

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