Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finished Fixed Gear

So i have finally built up my work commuter fixed gear and am pretty much done with it (for now)- with the exception of a honey brown Brooks B17 that is now on it, just not in these pictures. The frame is nothing too exceptional, but a solid vintage Japanese built Sekine frame from the 70's. I got the frame dirt cheap but it had surface rust and looked like hell so I decided to get it powder coated. It ended up looking really nice, its a white with gold flecks throughout, I wanted pearl, but this ended up very nice. Other then that the parts aren't anything too extreme or exciting. Vintage deep drop track bars, generic stem, generic Axiom seat post, Tange headset, Shimano BB, Sugino Messenger crans etc.
I would post pictures with the Brooks saddle, except some junkies recently broke in and stole my camera! Just glad they didn't take this baby or the purple monster bike.
The first pic is pre-paint job.

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