Sunday, November 30, 2008


The Unicorns are one of my favourite bands. I, like many people was greatly saddened when they broke up. Since then Nick has been doing lots of stuff, most notably Islands, but also more than a few side projects Th' Corn Gangg, Juiced Elfers, Final Fantasy: Online aka Internet,Human Highway, Reefer etc. Alden on the other hand has been much more elusive, and I know I have been waiting on something like this for a long time. A few summers ago a band I was in played with Islands at a Pop Montreal summer show case. This was the first shoe since Jaime had left, and both he and Alden were in the crowd. I was hoping and dreaming that there would be a reunion; NO DICE. Since then, I had come to terms that the Unicorns are over. I had also come to terms that I may never hear anything exciting from Alden again; I was wrong. Alden's new band Clues is working on its debut album to be released next year on Constellation Records and so far it sounds pretty amazing. They have been around since 2007, but this is the first decent recording I have found. Clues is made up of Alden Penner, Brendan Reed (ex-Arcade Fire, remember them?), Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble and Nick Scribner. I'm really excited about this Song, it definitely has some of the humility that the Unicorns had, and is pretty much lost in Islands. Lots of people had dismissed Alden, and attributing the greatness of the Unicorns to Nick, Clues proves them wrong. Im predicting already, that Clues album next year will be top 5 of the year for 2009 (mostly joking).

Clues - "Perfect Fit" (MP3) (MP# courtesy of Stereogum

The mp3 and image are stolen from Stereogum, I'm a thief but I'm honest.

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who cares about nick -- islands is weak