Sunday, November 30, 2008

Springfield Punx - Arrested Development

Springfield Punx did one of the best things ever...

Thanks Million Monkeys.

Yeezy on Deezy Leezy

The main reason im posting this is 'cause of the Pastelle jacket he's rocking, plus Dave seems to be a fan


The Unicorns are one of my favourite bands. I, like many people was greatly saddened when they broke up. Since then Nick has been doing lots of stuff, most notably Islands, but also more than a few side projects Th' Corn Gangg, Juiced Elfers, Final Fantasy: Online aka Internet,Human Highway, Reefer etc. Alden on the other hand has been much more elusive, and I know I have been waiting on something like this for a long time. A few summers ago a band I was in played with Islands at a Pop Montreal summer show case. This was the first shoe since Jaime had left, and both he and Alden were in the crowd. I was hoping and dreaming that there would be a reunion; NO DICE. Since then, I had come to terms that the Unicorns are over. I had also come to terms that I may never hear anything exciting from Alden again; I was wrong. Alden's new band Clues is working on its debut album to be released next year on Constellation Records and so far it sounds pretty amazing. They have been around since 2007, but this is the first decent recording I have found. Clues is made up of Alden Penner, Brendan Reed (ex-Arcade Fire, remember them?), Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble and Nick Scribner. I'm really excited about this Song, it definitely has some of the humility that the Unicorns had, and is pretty much lost in Islands. Lots of people had dismissed Alden, and attributing the greatness of the Unicorns to Nick, Clues proves them wrong. Im predicting already, that Clues album next year will be top 5 of the year for 2009 (mostly joking).

Clues - "Perfect Fit" (MP3) (MP# courtesy of Stereogum

The mp3 and image are stolen from Stereogum, I'm a thief but I'm honest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PSA - Tres Bien Shop Sale

PSA - Tres Bien Shop from Sweden which carries some of the nicest brands around is currently offering free shipping on all international orders for the rest of the year. It might be time to get that red cashmere Our Legacy toque or some insane Henrik Vibskov stuff. Tres Bien carries some pretty impressive lines: Raf by Raf Simons, Opening Ceremony, Commes des Garcons, Surface 2 Air, Patrik Ervell and many more. Check them out here.

Blackbird Online Store Now Open!

It looks like Blackbird in Seattle has recently launched its new e-store. Blackbirds blog has been a favourite of mine for quite a while now, and any time I have dealt with them they offer impeccable service so it only seems fitting that I spread the word. Blackbird carries a wide array of designers and prices range from low end sneakers such as Chuck Taylors or Zuricks to Diet Butch Slim Skin boots at around $1200us: really, something for every taste and every budget. Check out the new store here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rain Boot: LL Bean Duck Boot

Considering the last long while in Victoria has been filled with rain, it seems fitting that a rain boot post is in order. A long while ago I listed some of my favourite "weather appropriate" footwear. Recently I have been seeing alot of older gentlemen rocking the LL Bean Duck Boot and I want to short list it for coolest rain boots out there. To me they are the Topsiders of the fall.

New Grey Suit

Months ago I had mentioned I am looking for a grey suit. Thanks for the 'bay my dream may soon be realized (I won it, I just hope it fits/can be tailored to my satisfaction).
The suit itself is a grey wool herringbone with subtle blue lines throughout. It might not be quite as nice as the "Oxford Collar" post of months ago, maybe it will be nicer. Only time will tell. As a side note; Tres Bien shop has a really cool grey flannel suit by Our Legacy, seen here. Im not a big fan of three button suits, and really dont like how it fits the model but I love the grey flannel fabric and the over look is spot on.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

These are a pair of Organic Ecru Embo Dry Thin Finns I got from Still Life last October, they have still yet to be washed. I dont realy wear them that often anymore but they fading is starting to look great especially considering they have not been washed. They are tentatively up for sale, cause I dont really wear them right now.

Finished Fixed Gear

So i have finally built up my work commuter fixed gear and am pretty much done with it (for now)- with the exception of a honey brown Brooks B17 that is now on it, just not in these pictures. The frame is nothing too exceptional, but a solid vintage Japanese built Sekine frame from the 70's. I got the frame dirt cheap but it had surface rust and looked like hell so I decided to get it powder coated. It ended up looking really nice, its a white with gold flecks throughout, I wanted pearl, but this ended up very nice. Other then that the parts aren't anything too extreme or exciting. Vintage deep drop track bars, generic stem, generic Axiom seat post, Tange headset, Shimano BB, Sugino Messenger crans etc.
I would post pictures with the Brooks saddle, except some junkies recently broke in and stole my camera! Just glad they didn't take this baby or the purple monster bike.
The first pic is pre-paint job.