Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Favourite Things Series: Jeans

I have a bit of an obsession with jeans, less then others for sure and not nearly as refined as elite denim heads but an obsession no less.
I prefer dry or raw denim mostly because I dont like washing my jeans in the first place. I have about seven pairs in my rotation. I prefer skinnier denim so that is most of what I have.
My denim included
Nudie Jeans Slim Jim Dry Black
Cheap Monday Regular Blue
Cheap Monday Grey
Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Organic Dry Indigo Blue
Johan by J. Lindeberg Logan Black (coated) (tailored to be tapered)
Corpus Stick Acidwash Grey
Meltin' Pot Manfred Blue
I keep going into local shops such as Still Life, Outlooks for Men or Four Horsemen or browsing sites online looking for more denim but I really can't justify any more members of the family right now.
The Cheap Monday's are not great quality denim but have lots of stretch and offer good looking comfortable skinny jeans.
The Nudie Slim Jims are the ones I wear the least because they are a little too loose in the ankle, Im thinking of getting them taken in by my tailor.
The Thin Finns are my favourite jeans but I have worn them way too hard, bailed on the bike and had the crotch blow out several time. After gaining some muscle in my thighs the Finns are too tight to wear comfortably, hopefully they aren't gone forever they have some great signs of wear on them.
The J. Lindeberg jeans are great, cause they are comfortable and I can wear them to work
The Corpus acid wash jeans are probably my favourite jeans right now, they have some stretch in them so I can bike comfortably, but they are a better quality denim then the Cheap Mondays and the grey is a little more unique as well.
The Melin' Pot are great, a little classier. They are the jeans I wear when I think of some of the stuff being done by Robert Geller or Our Legacy, they are the narrow but not skinny fitting and are made with heavier denim then the others. These are how I wish the Slim Jims fit and are a nice shift from the skinner jeans without feeling to baggy for my taste.


Anonymous said...

Would love pictures of the front and back of each jean

John said...

I will see what I can do

sspeier said...

you should checking Action Acne jeans!
you'd love them.

John said...

thanks for the headsup!