Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Now that the rain season is among us it seems suitable to highlight the most necessary piece of clothing for the weather; and by clothing I mean shoes, and by shoes I mean boots, and by boots I mean boots that can handle the elements while still looking great. Living in Victoria you get used to wet weather and the last thing I want to do is sacrifice still for functionality. That being said my Keds aren't exactly great to stroll through Beacon Hill Park and my Allen Edmund brogues, with their leather soles don't exactly hold up in the puddles. So here are some of the best shoes I have seen that can keep your feet dry and your self fly! (sorry).
Quoddy Trail Moccasin Company Grizzly Boot

Rogues Gallery, Band of Outsiders for Sperry and L.L. Bean Deck Boots

Russell Moccasin Co. Tracker Boots

Russell Moccasin Co. Country Squire South 40 Birdshooter

Tretorn Thule Boots

Tretorn Skerry Boots

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