Friday, May 2, 2008

New Life

I purchased an old Norco road bike a while ago that my girlfriend Emma adopted. It was $15 dollars at the Salvation Army but it was in pretty sad shape. Most of the major problems with the bike were plain cosmetic issues, and I thought it would be fun to give it a little face lift. At first I thought I could just give it a quick rattle can paint job, and it would work miracles: that was dumb. So as Spring approaches I decided that I needed to do a better job. Here are some pictures of the project from beginning to end.

This is the original green colour, pretty old and boring

I stripped all the parts off any removed the bottom bracket and headset.
I then used aircraft stripper to remove the original paint and then sanded down as much as I could.
From there, I sprayed the bike down with primer, I put a few coats of white prime to try to give the yellow paint a fighting chance.
After letting the prime dry for a day, I sanded it a little and then began a regiment of several thin coats of yellow paint, I tried to spray as evenly as possible, but of course there is some running; still not bad for a spray can.
While the yellow paint was drying, I thought it might be fun to try painting the handlebars. This had mixed success. Looked pretty cool but started to chip off pretty quick.

This is a closeup of the paint job, and then a what the bike looked like with the white handlebars, its a shame I couldnt keep them like that.
After the several coats of yellow, I sprayed several coats of clear coat, I probably could of done more but was too excited to build up the bike.
I decided, after getting frustrated trying to reassemble the shifting mechanism that gears wouldn't be necessary so I decided to make the bike a single speed. Its at a fair ratio and saves a little extra weight, and looks pretty sleek.

Here are pictures of the end result.
I think the job ended up pretty nice, the white peaking out at the handlebars is a nice touch and I think the bike looks pretty nice.
Most importantly I transformed a old clunker from a thrift store into something special for my girlfriend.
Now all the bike needs is a name!

(also, to note, i regreased and repacked the bearings in the headset and bottom bracket and replaced the brake cables; so not only does the bike look good, she runs smooth too!)

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