Monday, April 14, 2008

Campy wheels

I just bought some Campagnolo Vento wheels for my road bike, they are pretty slick.

Fixed Finelli

I received the wheels for my fixed gear project a few weeks ago. It is now assembled, its nothing too special but rides nicely. It has a gold kmc chain, and is stripped of all things unnecessary. Here are some pictures of it (i want a new crank, right now it still has the double but its not really a priority)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oxford Collar

I recently acquired a new light blue oxford shirt for a job interview. I have been wanting an oxford shirt for a while, simply because it seems like a staple that should be in any wardrobe. I decided to wear it with some light grey wool pants and a herringbone blazer.
I am looking to get a grey wool suit, something to wear with my brown chukka boots (which i just re-oiled)
a suit like this would be nice...

(this picture is stolen from the sartorliast (shhh)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dead street style

I have noticed that street style blogs are dying. In a quick run of some sites I have noted that iseeseattle, the wayfarers (oslo) and vic chic are all pretty much dead. I guess these local city "sartorialist" sites aren't gaining the momentum that the true sartorialist is (named in top 25 most influential blogs by and the guardian). Its a shame, i suppose many start a street style blog with aspirations of highlighting unique looks that define their cities style, i also suppose that this takes more upkeep and work then most are willing to do. its a shame because these sites can be great resources to show unique looks and style of cities all over

Wheels came!

the fixed gears wheels came (a few days ago) they are nothing too special, formula hubs, sun rims etc. I might put some redwall conitental ultra tires on eventually. I also got a gold kmc chain, its ballin out of control. I will try to post some pictures once I have it assembled. Right now the fork is off, im going to repack and grease the bearings. over and out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Projects in motion

So after I decided I wanted to build a higher end road bike with campy components (a little about that progress below). I decided my italian 12 speed finelli will no longer be that useful as it existed. So i have decided it would be a worthwhile project to convert the old guy into a killer fixie.
Below are some pictures of both projects in their middle stage.
The road bike, is a repainted aluminum frame with carbon stays and an easton fork. So far I have acquired Bianchi handlebars/stem, fsa headset, campy centaur brakes, centaur crankset, mirage bottom bracket, velo ergo shifters and a chorus rear derailleur. Im looking for some decent wheels at a good price. Someone is selling some campy vento wheels, if i can get them at a good price, that would be neat; or else I think I will build up a centaur rear hub.
For the fixie. I have stripped everything off (except the rear derailleur/chain, hence the white bag). I will eventually take the crank out, re grease the bottom bracket. I have a fixed wheelset coming with a 18 sprocket cog, and ordered a 14 sprocket cog to switch up. Below are a few pictures of both projects.

Wanted: Trench

I have been hoping to acquire a spring jacket, and I believe I want that jacket to be a coat. A trench coat. I have been hoping to find something unique yet classic, and maybe shying away from a boring khaki trench. Cheap Mondays spinoff label Kostym has a pretty cool dark grey jacket, but Im not sure if im sold on it. Acne has a really cool khaki jacket, but it was $850 at BlackBird in Seattle. I think finding vintage will be difficult, because trenchs are traditionally worn 1) by old, fat men. So they are all l-xl and 2) worn oversized, as an overcoat 3) will not maintain good structure and will fit like a tarp wrapped around me.
below is the grey kostym trench and the nicer acne trench