Friday, January 4, 2008

Sennheiser CX300 Headphones

I have been contemplating entering the world of in-ear headphones for a while now. I spend enough time commuting, listening to music, to justify the investment. Although I am not much of an audiophile, I do have ears, and when I listen to music on my iPod, its pretty sad what the stock headphones that come with the mp3 player sound like. I did a little research on head-fi and other websites and decided that the CX300 would be a great entry point into the in-ear, higher end headphone world, without having to sell my left leg (which I am not sure the street value, but maybe will list on ebay, keep an eye out). Anyway, I digress. I received my headphones in the mail today, I decided to purchase them from a chain store after hearing about numerous knockoffs circulating over the ebay etc. So far I must admit I am happy with the headphones, Sennheiser is a reputable company and these headphones stand up. They come with three different rubber sizing things (technical term) and much like goldie locks, I was eating the metaphorical porridge, that is the proper fit, in no time. The benefits of these headphones over the old unfaithful iPod basics are pretty severe. First off the benefit of a in-ear style allows the volume to maintain low, while lowering outside noise - that means more Girl Talk, and less girls talking loudly getting into my ear. The benefit of these headphones is mostly in higher productions music, and somewhat lost in live recordings and laptop recordings and demos, but still sounds good. The music so far has sounded the best has been MSTRKRFT, Kings of Leon, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire and surprisingly Bon Iver, who will get an album review soon. Black Kids' Wizard of Ahhs demo was less impressive as was live cuts of Animal Collective and Final Fantasy.

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